Welcome to the new museum of the Maribor Puppet Theatre.

Finally, we found a place for our historical and pedagogical collection of selected puppets, costumes and stage elements. Various authors, puppetry technologies and aesthetics are on display in the renovated premises in the north of Vojašniški trg (Military Square).

The collection offers a glimpse into the rich history of the Maribor Puppet Theatre. Addresses individual visitors, organised groups from educational institutions and foreign visitors.

Museum / Photo: Boštjan Lah
Museum / Photo: Boštjan Lah
+2Museum / Photo: Boštjan Lah
Museum / Photo: Boštjan Lah
Museum / Photo: Boštjan Lah


Collected and selected puppet history of Maribor

An Exciting

We have selected the most interesting authors and performances from the history of the Maribor Puppet Theatre.

In half a century of professional activitList of all seasons of LGMy, dozens of excellent performances have been created. You are welcome to browse.


The objects on display do not sit bored in the cupboards; they can be alive! We bet on the power of imagination, but also on the power of modern technologies.

In March 2023, in cooperation with RUK (Network of Art and Cultural Research Centers), we will digitally upgrade the museum.

For Families

The exhibition is for visitors of all ages. The visit can be educational and fun for everyone.

Next to the museum, there is a Creative Workshop, a place for learning while playing, and a corner for working with stories. You are welcome to visit.

The spider is the symbol of the puppet museum because it brings dusty spaces to life and because it is an animal – a marionette. 


The Maribor Puppet Museum is located in the attic of the building at Vojašniški trg 3, above the Minoriti information point. In the north of Vojašniški trg (Military Square), north of the Maribor Puppet Theatre. Access is also possible from the city market.


Adults €4
Children €3

Family (3 members) €9
Family (4 members) €10
each additional member €2

Group €3
A group that saw a performance €2


Maribor Puppet Museum
Maribor Puppet Theatre
Vojašniški trg 2A
2000 Maribor

Puppet Museum is Open 

on Thursday and Friday from 16.00 to 18.00
on Saturday from from 9.00 to 13.00 and 16.00 to 18.00
on Sunday from 9.00 to 13.00